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Mission and Vision

The Mission and Vision of WORD For Life Church Ministries

WORD For Life Church Ministries exists to reach/rescue, empower, and sustain the people of God's creation through our understanding and application of God's word.


WORD For Life Church Ministries is called by God to develop disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ to engage and embrace our community with the love of God.


We commit to advance God's vision for us through worship, Christian education, fellowship, generosity, acts of service, and community connection. To accomplish what we believe the Lord has assigned to us, and as God's grace allows, we will:


  • Develop and maintain opportunities for worship within and beyond the WFLCM campus that honor God.
  • Enable future generations of Godly leaders by creating leadership opportunities in worship and administration.

Christian Education

  • Develop age-specific and culturally-sensitive content.
  • Enhance preaching and teaching through workshops, lectures, and presentations.
  • Enhance theological discussion and discovery through lived experiences.


  • Enjoy life experiences with one another.
  • Disciple one another toward spiritual maturity.


  • Support our church and ministries with our presence and our finances.
  • Demonstrate the gracious character and actions of Jesus.

Acts of service 

  • Identify opportunities to meet needs in our local community.
  • Partner with local, national and international entities to advance Christian mission.

Community connection

  • Develop community partnerships in service of God's mission for us.
  • Establish a clear and present voice for matters of spiritual and moral concern within our community.

Reverend Larrin Robertson, Pastor  |  Email:  |  Church phone: (301) 292-2066
Mailing Address: 11519 Fort Washington Road, Fort Washington, Maryland 20744-5814